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Whiskers The Rooster

This is Whiskers our Rooster moseying along on our front lawn.

We credit our Rooster, Whiskers, wholeheartedly with notifying and saving three of our children who were home alone at the time a fire was spreading up a hill towards our home. The fire was started by loggers who were logging the woods that surrounded our home. The loggers hit a high voltage supply electric line with a tree that instantly caught the woods on fire. My children were inside unaware as to what was happening outside.

It was not until Whiskers went through the ‘cat’ door (which was for our cats – but they were too busy running away from the fire) that lead onto our screened in porch. Whiskers started squawking and flying around on the porch in a panic. Since our chickens (and Roosters) were never on our porch, it drew quick attention to our children and they came outside to the porch to see what was going on. Our children immediately saw the fire rushing up the hill just a few feet from our home. Our daughter, Sammie, who was home at the time, ran back inside to get the keys to the jeep and drove her younger siblings, Vince and Patzie, to safety ~ as Vince called 911 on Sammie’s cell phone.

After our home burnt down in 1999, we became extremely involved with teaching our children about fire safety. We went over drills and had our fire escape plan established – and made sure our children knew what to do in case of an emergency. This is why our children were able to act calmly and speedily to reach safety.

Needless to say, this is why we value our Partner Prevention Connection’s Mission – fire safety with children. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that a fire or other emergency will not happen to you or your family. You will not always become as lucky as we were. Emergency preparedness saves lives!

And don’t worry about Whiskers, they grabbed him on the way out and let him go where he ran to safety as well! So needless to say, Whiskers was spared as being one of our dinners – and lived a long life. We don’t even want to think what may have happened if he didn’t notify our children, get them to safety, and give them the opportunity to call 911 and save our home!

**  Another side note about Whiskers;  He got his name since he decided to live in the dog house we built for our dog – and not the chicken coup.  He really did prove himself to be more like a dog then a Rooster!