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Lyle Birkey ~ Nat’l Council for Science & Environment

Lyle Birkey, Director of Communications, National Council for Science and the Environment . . . . . “C.A.S.P.E.R. can literally be a lifesaver for whole communities – especially in the rural environments. I love the subtle acronym too – it’s the friendly ghost that you don’t know is there until you absolutely need it, and […]

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Woolwine Volunteer Fire Department

Woolwine Volunteer Fire Department . . . We just wanted to send you this quick note to let you know that we love your C.A.S.P.E.R. LED Display System.  We have been getting monthly Donations that we would have not typically gotten.  Also, more people have been showing up for our regular fundraising Events, due to […]

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Steve Allen ~ Emergency Management Coordinator

Patrick County Emergency Management . . . I would like to see these signs across Patrick County.   After the severe weather event of June 29th, 2012, this would have been a great way to let the citizens know where the county had shelters set up across the county. Also to alert the citizens of missing […]

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Sheriff Dan Smith

Patrick County Sheriff . . . . . This concept will greatly improve public safety for fire, law enforcement and emergency medical services in Patrick County . . . . __________________________________________________

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Crystal Harris ~ Captain of Smith River Rescue Squad

Since I am on the Patrick County Board of Supervisors and also the Captain of the Rescue Squad . . . . When I realized that C.A.S.P.E.R. was a way to get our LED Display we have been wanting, bring in more fundraising, and become a tool for 911 emergencies and warnings, I set up […]

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