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This is what you aren’t being told!

By Judie Protesto Freels Disasters and Tragedy – They Are Getting Worse. Our hearts and prayers go out to Vanuatu for a safe and speedy recovery. As I read the horrible accounts of their situation, it got me thinking.  Are the rumors I am hearing actually true?  You know the rumors, that emergency situations and […]

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Is Your Organization Putting This on the Back Burner?

By Judie Protesto Freels Your Community is Only as Safe as its First Responders. When Chuck had to do training while in the fire department and rescue squad, it had to be done during the nights and on weekends. Anyone who wanted to get that training had to fit their schedule around the training dates. […]

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Use CASPER To Know Where To Go

By Brandi Freels While I was on Vacation at Garden City Beach, SC I was on Vacation at Garden City Beach, SC;  it’s a wonderful, small, quiet beach town with many small town charms and a nice place to relax.   And I must say – I had the most fantastic time! We stayed at […]

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