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Tired of Status Quo?

By Judie Protesto Freels Get Into the Better Flow With CASPER! The word Status Quo is an interesting word.  When people here it, they tend to think of the feeling of mediocrity – things being ‘normal’ – usually more bad than good,  as in, things are just are as they are – with no good […]

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FEMA and CASPER’s Missions are the same

By Judie Protesto Freels The 5 Missions of FEMA ~ and How CASPER Helps! It is no secret that FEMA has well written and implemented a Five Preparedness Missions plan throughout the United States.  It is clearly stated within the Department of Homeland Security Strategic Plan. Prevention Mitigation Protection Response Recovery   In other words, […]

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Remember Everyday

By Chuck Freels Powerful Words “We will not waver; we will not tire; we will not falter, and we will not fail. Peace and Freedom will prevail.”  . . . . . . . . George W. Bush I consider it every Americans responsibility to make sure they do whatever they can, as an individual, […]

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Flag Etiquette

By Judie Protesto Freels Show Your True Colors Today Memorial Day is being Celebrated across the United States.  I wish everyone a very wonderful and safe day!  Many people will be displaying our American Flag with Pride while enjoying their day with family and friends.  Throughout the years, I have found that there is much […]

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Make Fundraising Easier

By Judie Protesto Freels Nonprofit Organizations Have it Difficult. I am sure you know what I mean. Here you are, giving your heart and soul to the cause you believe in. Volunteering, working, building, having a positive impact on the Community you are a part of, and yet you always have the stress of that […]

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