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Is Your Organization Putting This on the Back Burner?

By Judie Protesto Freels Your Community is Only as Safe as its First Responders. When Chuck had to do training while in the fire department and rescue squad, it had to be done during the nights and on weekends. Anyone who wanted to get that training had to fit their schedule around the training dates. […]

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Prevent Kitchen Fire Week 2013

By Chuck Freels Kitchens and Cooking ~ Be Careful! Last week I wrote about the fact that October is Fire Prevention Month.  However, to be more specific, October 6 – 12 is ‘Prevent Kitchen Fire’ Week.   In my home, everyone loves to cook and on most nights, it is really a family affair to get […]

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Firefighters 2013 Grant Information

By Chuck Freels Stay Informed So You Can Go After These: I know more and more Fire Departments are going after Grants to help supplement their Budge Cuts and the lower donations from fundraisers that they are getting.  FEMA has just updated their site with some information I think you should be aware of if […]

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