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Non-Profit Organizations Do Make a Difference

By Brandi Freels Find out how you can make a difference too Sadly, many people think they are not in the position to change the world.  And guess what?  You are probably right.  But  . . . and here is the big but, you CAN make a difference.  Just think about it, Non-Profit Organizations are […]

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Happy Veterans Day – 2014

Thank you for your past, present and future service! America would not be what it is without YOU!    

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Use CASPER To Know Where To Go

By Brandi Freels While I was on Vacation at Garden City Beach, SC I was on Vacation at Garden City Beach, SC;  it’s a wonderful, small, quiet beach town with many small town charms and a nice place to relax.   And I must say – I had the most fantastic time! We stayed at […]

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7 Ways YOU Can be Disaster Prepared

By Brandi Freels Are You Prepared? Since the 911 C.A.S.P.E.R. Systems are here to help you Before, During and After and emergency situation, what can you do to help yourself be prepared?  “Time and again, America faces crises that test our readiness and challenge our resolve — from natural disasters like hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods […]

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How will Sponsortizers Benefit?

By Brandi Freels Sponsortizer . . . . What is It? To further expand what I talked about last week in regards to Sponsortizers and with how the steady stream of donations will help the nonprofits, let’s talk about all the benefits for the Sponsortizers. First let me explain what a Sponsortizer is: a Sponsortizer […]

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