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The future of localized Roadside Mass Emergency Notifications, Today.

By Chaz Freels What if you’re Cruising Down the Highway? We already receive alerts and warnings through TV, Radio, Satellite, Internet, Cell phone and so on. What about people on the road listening to their iPod? I suppose for those of you near major highways, you have big amber color LED Displays to alert and […]

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4 Benefits of Wireless Emergency Alerts

(Picture of wiring in Brazil) By Judie Protesto Freels Spaghetti Anyone? I recently read an article on FEMAs website regarding their Wireless Emergency Alerts and Capabilities, and thought I would share the key points which mirror 911 C.A.S.P.E.R. Systems  qualities as well. Benefits of Wireless Emergency Alerts: During an emergency, Alerts that are received in […]

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