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Ever since I was young, I remember being a part of my parents business.  Helping with different projects was always fun, and I was fortunate with learning a lot of things which ended up coming in useful as I grew.  I consider myself lucky that my parents shared so much of their day around the dinner table, which gave me my love for their business – and business in general.

Now I am able to contribute on a much higher level.  I am extremely active with marketing and building the website which I feel is not only such a useful tool, but it helps educate everyone as well.  I enjoy the projects I am involved with since they are much more intense and let me challenge my creative side.  I also enjoy being a part of Trade Shows and other business meetings – but secretively, I just like to travel and meet new people.  Hopefully I will be meeting you soon too!

I feel proud that our business is playing such an important role with helping the world go Green with the LED Lighting products we provide, and I love that we are always growing and expanding in that area as well.  The direction the world is going in the energy fields such as LED Lighting, Solar and Wind is so exciting, that I can only imagine a long and fulfilled life ahead.

The even more exciting part was being an active collaborator with inventing C.A.S.P.E.R..  It was so much fun watching the four of us work so well together and bounce ideas off of one another that ended up creating such a wonderful system and program.  To take one simple idea and turn it into a goal of helping so many people is very humbling.

Thank you for looking at my profile, and hopefully I will get to know you better soon,

Brandi Freels

911ThinkSigns / 911 Think Signs has changed its name to 911 CASPER Systems / 911 C.A.S.P.E.R. Systems.  We have a unique Fundraising and Donation system that also provides life saving Alerts and Warnings through FEMA’s IPAWS / Integrated Public Alerts and Warning System; along with our CASPER Alert Feature that enhances AMBER ALERTS, SILVER Alerts, BOLO, and other public and Community messages. This is to help Non-profit Organizations / nonprofit organizations ease their financial problems due to Budget Cuts, Grants decreases, and subsidize the public financial help these organizations are not getting through fundraising and donations through our Sponsor / Sponsortizing system.  Communities will benefit using the CASPER System since it helps keep these Non-profit Organizations open and helps keep taxes down since it will avoid the need to have property tax increases, fire taxes and ambulance charges.  Here is a short example of the nonprofit organizations that this helps:  Volunteer fire departments, rescue squads, EMS, parks and recreation, sports complexes, private and public schools, colleges, universities, home owners associations, freemasons, animal shelters, Red Cross, and any other tax free 501 C 3 non-profit organizations.  To find out more information please contact Chuck Freels or Chaz Freels,  276-229-4200.