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What two things does CASPER help Communities and Nonprofit Organizations with?

911-CASPER-Systems-Life-saver alerts warning fundraising fema ipawsBy Judie Protesto Freels

See How CASPER Can Be Your Lifesaver!

Non-profit organizations are an extremely important part of any Community.  Sadly, most people do not even give them a second thought – or even a smidgen of a thought – until they need them.  Then, they expect them to be there, fully staffed, fully funded – to help them.

If asked, I would wager that the average person all feel the same – that non-profit organizations are there to help their Community.  There are so many areas the nonprofit organizations help Communities;  Fire Departments, Rescue Squads, schools, abuse centers, substance centers, parks, universities – the list can go on and on.  They are all there, tucked away in your Community, yet it is not until you personally need them that they show themselves for you to use them.  Nonprofit organizations are all life savers in one way or another – to someone – during some trying time in their life.  I know they have been there for us.

Where I think it gets fuzzy for most people is how these nonprofit organizations get their money.  Some people would say that they get it from the County, or the State, however I would not be surprised if most people just don’t even give it a thought or have a clue.  I am not casting stones – my family didn’t have a clue until we got involved with our local fire department after our home burnt down.  It wasn’t until we saw firsthand how difficult it was for them to constantly do fundraising event after fundraising event HOPING that the people would show up and the donations would come to them.  In a time of Budge Cuts, this is getting more stressful for these non-profit organizations.

To give you a brief insight into just one type of non-profit organization that supports Communities, the Fire Departments; according to Wikipedia, 69% of all fire departments are volunteer.  While they may, or may not, receive some small compensation from their County, most volunteer fire departments survive on donations.  However, this is not uncommon for most nonprofit organizations – many of them are all helped and supported by volunteers and donations.

So, to get back to my title: What two things does CASPER help Communities and Nonprofit Organizations with?

The two main things are:

  • CASPER helps nonprofit organizations help their Community by keeping them informed during the average week, and by keeping them informed before, during and after emergency or disaster situations through FEMA IPAWS and our CASPER Alerts feature.
  • CASPER helps provide a residual stream on donations through Sponsortizers coming into that non-profit organization so they can be there, fully staffed and funded.

So now that you know, help spread the word.  Get them to get CASPER to help your nonprofit organization and your Community.

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Stay Safe!

Judie   (:

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