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Happy Thanksgiving 2014, and the five reasons

Thanksgiving-2014-911-CASPER Systems fundraising alerts and warnings

We were talking with CASPER the other day, and he suggested that we put up the 5 most important things that people are saying they are thankful for him about. So we started asking our customers what they were thankful about CASPER for, and this is what they said:

CASPER Owners were grateful that CASPER:

  • keeps their Community informed about safety tips.
  • kept their Community informed before, during, and after emergency situations and disasters.
  • brought more people to their traditional fundraising events and increased their donations.
  • helped their local businesses, “Sponsortizers”, get recognized and their businesses improved.
  • was fun to work with and allowed them to be creative with their slides.

So there you have it!

May you have a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving!

The 911 C.A.S.P.E.R. Systems’ Team

& Partners . . . . . . and don’t forget CASPER ~ the LED Displays on Steroids.



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